Solar Stargate burning in the chest


Solar Stargate burning in the chest

For those of you are actively integrating the various aspects of your multidimensional self, there comes a time when you will begin to change the structure of your light body and chakric system. This new development can take many years to achieve if there is any end to this process. There is a new chakra or to be more accurate a new device or stargate developing in the chest. This stargate is developing in the area between the heart and the throat chakra. It is directly in the area of the thymus gland and is directly linked to this gland. Some call this new chakra, the etherical heart; it directly connects us to the sentient consciousness of the earth Gaia. It brings us the ability to create bliss.

Bliss is an important requirement for the advancement of our soul on this planet. Bliss allows us to build the ability to travel the dimensions of the universe and move beyond the matrix which currently imprisons our consciousness here on earth. Bliss braids the DNA, we all have heard the scientists talk about junk DNA; this DNA is split off from the rest of the braid and floats aimlessly, with no purpose according to the scientists locked in a 3 D perspective. Bliss rebraids the junk DNA and brings more of the codes contained within this junk DNA on line allowing us to advance our consciousness. ( if you want to know more about this you can read in more detail in my new book “ The Navigators of the AbZu” , available on my website.

As we integrate our soul and its many aspects we have inserted into the area of our upper chest certain star codes which come from our higher dimensional selves, each one representing each and every one of the various selves of the over soul. These star codes are layered one on top of another in the area of the thymus until it creates a device which can open up as a stargate which would to allow you to travel at the speed of light into the various dimensions which make up our universe. We can through our own personal stargate travel through the various stargates or portals which make travel within our multidimensional universe possible. Many people think they are already travelling the universe in their astral bodies during their dreams or meditations, however I do not agree with this, for we are living in a cube or a prison of consciousness. Many are simply travelling within the cube, within the cube mental entities (who some call the Metatron, which is not a being at all but an artificial software program) has created a cube in which there are copies of all the dimensions and the various beings which reside in our universe. We are like rats in a maze, thinking we are free to travel the universe when in fact we are simply caught in a virtual game created by a program which wishes to fool and limit our consciousness. This stargate or device which is slowly forming in our upper chest will allow us with the fuel of bliss to pierce the skin of the egg, or break out of the in-cube-ation of the cube to finally be free, and then we will be free of the interference. Finally we will be free of the matrix.

The base pattern which is first to be inserted is the eight pointed star, its colour is turquoise. It allows us to generate bliss and open the stargate allowing us to travel. This stargate is directly connected to the sun of our solar system which is the first portal or stargate which you will need to travel through, in order to exit our solar system and the control of the matrix which extends beyond our planet to encompass the whole of our solar system and beyond. Without this eight pointed star in the upper chest you will not have the password to allow you to open the stargate of the sun. The patterns of light which follow the insertion of the eight pointed star are more and more complex until they form a very complex and beautiful stargate made of light. The stargate opens like a blooming flower until it opens like a black hole in the centre. We then with the fuel of bliss are able to catapult ourselves through this black hole into the next stargate in the sun, once through this we are then free to travel the universe through many of the other portals which are housed in the stars. We will have the star codes or the passwords which will allow us to pass through the various stargates. We will be able to travel or navigate the AbZu (the title of my new book). Many of us have had training in this ability on other planets in other places in our universe; many of us have been initiated into this training and are now here on the earth to instruct others in this ability.

As we are in this process we can have strange symptoms. Here are a list of symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • A strange vibration which runs through our entire body and feels like it is coming from the bones. It is often most felt during the time when you first wake in the morning or when you are dropping off to sleep at night. This vibration can become so strong that other people can feel it when they are next to you. It can cause you to grind your teeth in your sleep causing jaw pain.
  • A fluttering feeling or an irregular heartbeat, this can be the most disconcerting. Many are rushing off to the doctors thinking they are about to have a heart attack. This will not happen , relax take a deep breath and allow it to settle, it will come and go but it will not last for too long so relax you are not dying.
  • Intense temperature changes, cold one minute and hot the next. Sweating at night.
  • Sudden gasps of breath as if something has surprised you, yet you are at rest and nothing has surprised you.


These symptoms can come and go and can last for over two years; it is my personal experience that it rarely lasts longer than this. I have found that once this settles down dreams become more vivid, meditation more successful, astral travel and exit through the sun possible.

If anyone has any questions do not hesitate to ask me, you can email me at

Poem by Alloya


I feel with my eyes
I taste, what I touch
I see what I hear
In the middle of nothing
In a moment of no-where, my freedom is boundless.
I am the author of my own dreams
I manifest that which I will.
I am the “stillness that is the dancing”
And I am the beater of my own drum.

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Gaia transforming into a star becoming the source of a brand new universe. :)


When I awoke to my true nature and began to integrate the various aspects which makes up my multidimensional soul identity , I was told that I was part of a team of beings who trigger the completion and evolution of universes. I was shown a fractal field which went off in all directions for infinity. I looked into this fractal field and could see all the various dimensions that make up our universe. As I looked at the fractals I recognised that each one represented a galaxy, solar system, star , planet , race of beings , or an individual. I was told that the universe was going to go to completion and it would implode to a single point. I watched as the complex geometric patterns which were the fractals and represented beings residing on the highest levels begin to fold up. Each pattern folded perfectly into each other , with no friction or damage to the electrical wave forms which made up these geometric patterns. As this folding process continued , as the implosion of the fractal field continued, it was entering the lower levels of earth, earth is the most magnetic place in the universe, at her centre there was a black hole.

As these patterns folded up they eventually got to single point  to form the Gaian Seed , which contained the whole of the information of the universe. I watched as this seed passed through an immense stargate which was the entrance through the black hole. As this seed passed through the zero , the black gate into the void. I watched as the seed ( which was the earth itself ) opened out into a flower of life pattern and I watched as Gaia in her light body form became the source of this new universe.

love alloya 🙂

Embracing the Decay!

lilyWhen I looked at the pain of the planet and the environmental damage that humans caused  , it made me weep. When I went to the woods and saw condoms , beer cans and damage to trees I could throw myself upon the earth and cry until there was no more water in my body. I had given up watching the logging in the rainforest , the pollution of the seas and the spraying of the skies with chemtrails , I cowardly could no longer bare the pain of Gaia.

I teach that we all are a multidimensional , divine , creator of our world and reality. I show people how to integrate their soul and experience the truth vibration of their being. Everyone’s truth is the same , you are the source of your reality , you are powerful , divine and creative. You are the Universal Dreamer expressing itself at a single point, you are the universe having a human experience. If we are this powerful , and the creator of our reality , then surely so is Gaia.

All my life I have carried such a deep sense of grief around my relationship with Gaia. I found it hard to have any interaction with her without crying my eyes out. During my very first Ayahuasca Ceremony I decided to heal this once and for all. So I set the intention as we went into ceremony.

I focused on my heart space , the place that was full of the grief and breathed in my soul , working with Mother Ayahuasca and my soul , I went into the pain. I was taken deep inside and saw one scene after another of forests being chopped down and burnt , dolphins beaching themselves, sea birds covered in oil , I saw oil refineries and nuclear power stations. I saw litter on the beach and chemicals poured into rivers. I cried and cried and cried, it was immensely painful. Once Mother Ayahuasca had healed me , Gaia came into my awareness and she told me that I had asked to feel her and be with her and that is why I had been crying for so many years. The pain I had felt was her pain and that by crying her tears I was allowing her to express herself without having to have huge earth quakes. She told me that all people who cry the tears of Gaia are preventing these earth quakes and we were doing a great service for her.

During my third Ayahuasca ceremony I asked about the chemtrails in particular but also referred to all environmental damage done to Gaia , if Gaia was all powerful which we know she is , then why does she not do something to save herself, why does she allows us to continue to hurt her. As I asked the question I looked down at my body and was shocked to see myself beginning to rot, maggots crawled out of my skin I was decaying in front of my eyes. I was about to be scared but Mother Ayahuasca encouraged me to breathe and go into the decay as it was potent she said. So I did !

I felt myself totally rot away until the energy which had been contained in the matter of my body was released. I came to really understand the energy which is trapped in matter, the 666. Within the black there is such a power , such an immense amount of energy, it is mind blowing. Then I remembered what Nassim Haramein had said that there was more energy, than in the whole universe, in a centimetre cube of space or dark matter . I came to understand the energy of the satanic. Now when I say satanic I do not mean the satanic worship that we see today , there are no blood sacrifices within this level, these are only perverted teachings of corrupt minds. The 666 matter of which I was now merged was not a place of devils and demons but the home of the dark female Goddess , Kali , Hecate and Lilith. The consort to this Goddess was Pan, Herne the Hunter and the Horned God who was later demonised by the Catholic Church and turned into the devil we know today as Satan.

In my experience of working with these various deities, they appear as we perceive them. If we as a collective think of a being a certain way ,then they have no choice but to clothe themselves in the images , ideas and beliefs we have about these deities  that reside in our collective unconscious. If we think of them as demons and devils or dark evil goddesses then that is exactly how they have to appear. When I met Lilith she appeared as a demon woman until I held her in her truth and then watched her transform into a wonderful naked goddess with a serpent coiled around her waist and trees and flowers sprouting from her body. These deities Lilith , Hecate, Kali and Pan are some of many underworld deities.

Gaia began to talk to me and she asked me to feel the power in the decay and the death of the body. She told me that she too wanted to decay. She asked me if I was scared of death and I replied no. She asked me if I was my body and I said no it is my vehicle. Then she said that she too lived beyond death , she too was not scared, she too was not her body it was only a vehicle for her consciousness. She told me just like me she wanted to reincarnate into a new form a body of light , the light of a star . Just like we want to inhabit a body of stars so does she. She told me something which will take a lot of digesting and absorbing before I fully understand this . She told me she was grateful for the destruction and she was allowing it for many reasons but the main one was she wanted to remain conscious through the death process and decay , release the energy that was trapped inside her matter , her 666 and turn herself to light. I was not to worry about the destruction because it was all part of the process and I was to wonder at the energy in the matter, the fertilizer of the soul she called it. I then saw a big pile of steaming cow dung and as I watched a blue lotus flower emerged from the dung and opened into a beautiful flower , it took my breath away!

love alloya 🙂

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